14 Year Old Athlete Saved after Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Plombières, Belgium

A young footballer, aged 14 from Pepinster, suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday during a game at Homburg near Plombiéres. A samaritan PAD, located at the sports facility, was immediately used and the boy was conscious again when transferred to the ambulance.

According to an article in Le Soir: “At the end of the game, a player from Pepinster collapsed while preparing to make a throw. Quickly, the parents of a player of our club, who had been trained to use the defibrillator, preformed first aid and used the AED on the victim, ” said José Radermecker committee member of the AC Hombourg.”

The teenager was supported by the ambulance La Calamine before being transferred to a hospital in the region.

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